Seriously bad writing advice

Some of the random advice I’ve had from publishing professional during the last five years.

Don’t write in first person, it’s really hard to sustain for the length of a novel. The authors of Jane Eyre and Twilight seem to have managed.

Don’t write in present tense it jars, the perspective is too limited. Umm, Hunger Games Trilogy, Chao Walking Trilogy. I think they have been a success?

Don’t write flashbacks or bother with too much backstory, a story should always move forwards. Yes, but there is such as thing as context.

Don’t write for that genre it’s too saturated, no one’s buying. No one agent or publisher can speak for the market. Someone will come up with a fresh approach in that genre sooner or later. And there are second tier publishers mopping up the good manuscripts the big guns don’t want.

Linear story structure is old hat. Mix up your scenes, the timeline or POV to make it more interesting. I’m fairly sure the majority of new novels have a linear story structure. 

“The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.” Walter Bagehot

In the Victorian age they talked sense. Thank you Walter!

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