Dialogue tags and body language – stuck using the same old phrases?

My pet phrases are:

‘His eyes narrowed,’

‘He raised his eyebrows,’

‘He frowned/glared/scowled/glanced/glowered.’

Yep, I have a real thing about eyes and dark menacing brows, to the extent I ignore the rest of the face and body. How about, ‘creased his nose,’ ‘slight curve of a smile’ ‘heart thudded,’ ‘lips twitched,’ ‘face, mask tight,’ ‘fiddled nervously.’

Here is Stephanie Meyer’s, J.K Rowling’s and Suzanne Collins’ pet phrases. http://flavorwire.com/newswire/the-most-common-phrases-in-hunger-games-harry-potter-and-twilight/

Care to share yours?

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