About Me

press shot

Welcome to my blog Adventures in Fiction.

I live sometimes in Nice (a very nice place to write) and sometimes in London (a very nice place to meet people).

In a previous life, I marketed food brands: Sharwood’s curries, Cadbury Frozen Gateaus, Herta Frankfurters and Buitoni pasta sauces, to name but a few.

I never went hungry!

Then for a while, I was a press officer for The National Childbirth Trust and wrote freelance articles  for family and lifestyle magazines.

Now I write picture books, and sometimes older children’s fiction, including YA.

Check out my publications page!

I have oodles of ideas, I wish I had the time to write them all.

This blog features some of the great and inspiring people I meet in person and online (agents, authors, publishers, fellow writers and bloggers) and a whole lot of writing knowhow I’ve picked up along the way from courses at the London School of Journalism, Curtis Brown Creative, ‘how to’ books, SCBWI, festivals and seminars.


 Kate Peridot

PS. I love comments!

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