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Caring Conservationists: Who Are Changing Our Planet

Author Kate Peridot
Illustrator Sarah Long
Publisher Walker Books
Released 6th April 2023
Target Reader 5-11 years

Travel around the world and discover the stories of 20 conservationists and the endangered animals they are helping to save, including the orangutang, blue whale, Indian tiger, rhino, honeybee, Komodo dragon and sea turtle. Positive, uplifting and packed full of information, with 20 fun activities for children to try, this book will show children no one is too small to make a difference.  

My Animal Family

Author Kate Peridot
Illustrator Nic Jones
Publisher Dorling Kinsley, PRH
Released 4th May 2023
Target reader 5-9 years

Is there an animal family like your family? In this beautifully illustrated book, an animal from each family tells their story of family life. Discover who’s the boss, who looks after the babies, and who’s in charge of getting the dinner. Learn about what it’s like to live in a small group or a large community, and how they communicate with each other. Animal families just like human families come in all shape and sizes. If you could belong to an animal family, which one would you choose?

Meet the Bears

Author Kate Peridot
Illustrator Becca Hall
Publisher Welbeck
Released June 2023
Target reader 4-9 years

Pack your teddy and your bear-proof lunchbox and join us on a thrilling adventure around the world to meet the world’s eight species of bears. From polar bears to giant pandas, from spectacled bears to the Asiatic moon bears, find out what makes bears so amazing. But what sort of bear is your teddy?